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Professional Diploma In Supply Chain Management


The course is designed to equip trainees with knowledge, practical skills and attitudes that will enable him/her perform duties as a buyer, Supply Chain manager, supervisor and/or director in an organization. To achieve this, units such as, Asset Management and Managerial Accounting Finance in Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Governance and Public Private Partnerships are on offer, in addition to core Supply Chain Management subjects. The entire program comprises three parts including an industry-based learning.

Eligibility Criteria

Degree with at least 480 credits in relevant subject areas or equivalent prior learning experience and/or a qualification in the relevant subject area or 600 credits after KNQA Level 2, APS-K with 3 years’ relevant work experience.

Duration of the CPSP – K Programme

The course is designed to be covered in 1,800 hours.

Examination Schedule

  • April
  • August
  • December

CPSP-K Units

  • PL1.01 Understanding Organizational Environment (Exemptible)
  • PL1.02 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
  • PL1.03 Public Procurement
  • PL1.04 Asset Management and Managerial Accounting (Exemptible)
  • PL1.05 Category Management (Exemptible)
  • PL1.06 Supply Chain Management for SMEs (Exemptible)
  • PL2.01 Supply Chain Management Information Systems
  • PL2.02 Finance in Supply Chain Management (Exemptible)
  • PL2.03 Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • PL2.04 Operations Management in Practice (Exemptible)
  • PL2.05 Project and Contract Management
  • PL2.06 Supply Chain Audit and Risk Management
  • PL3.01 Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • PL3.02 Supply Chain Leadership and Governance
  • PL3.03 Managing Global Logistics
  • PL3.04 Research in Supply Chain Management
  • PL3.05 Consultancy in Supply Chain Management
  • PL3.06 Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • PL3.07 Industry-based Learning


  • CPSP Registration 5,500
  • CPSP Reinstatement 5,500
  • CPSP Renewal 1,500
  • CPSP Part I Examination (per paper) 2,500
  • CPSP Part II Examination (per paper) 3,500
  • CPSP Part III Examination (per paper) 4,000
  • CPSP Industry-based learning 15,000


  • CPSP Part I (per paper) 3,750 Exemption
  • CPSP Part II (per paper) 5,250 Exemption


  • APRIL EXAMS: Registration and Exam entry deadline is 15th March
  • AUGUST EXAMS: Registration and Exam entry deadline is 30 June
  • DECEMBER EXAMS: Registration and Exam entry deadline is 30 September


Six (6) exemptions are awarded if the student has done similar units/qualifications in their Diploma, Degree, or Masters level.



You can then register for tuition at accredited institutions who have partnered with KISEB, which list is available here on our website.

Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via 0726244828 or 0769878228.

We look forward to having you as our candidate.