Stephen Mutiso, CPSP-K

Preparing for the CPSP exams requires an enormous investment of time and energy. The exams focus on important higher-order cognitive skills including analysis and evaluation. This makes it remarkably important to all procurement professionals to acquire these skills by pursing the course.

Graduation is the ultimate measure of a student’s success and a significant milestone of every institution. Having began our journey in 2015, full of dreams and aspirations, November 2019 marked the culmination of years of hard work. We all appreciate that we are privileged to live in the age of AI, supply chain analytics and big data. Leveraging these contemporary tools is inevitable for any organization that has set its competitiveness focus on sustainability in alignment to the already happening fourth industrial revolution.

The pioneer graduating fellows, as well as all other consequent CPSP-K holders are and will be well equipped with requisite skills to fit in the emerging global workforce. Any person who wishes to become a professional in procurement and practice it in Kenya as well as across the globe, this is definitely the course to go for.

Graham Simiren Naibor, CPSP-K

Being a pioneer in anything brings with it a high sense of pride. Because the beginning of anything is the most difficult part, it’s been paramount that we lead by example. And that meant taking the untrodden paths and daring to pass through the tunnel whose end had some light. The absence of textbooks to guide a learner made it a daunting task. But we had the compass, the curriculum. I am glad to have taken up the challenge as we seek to chart the future of the supply chain profession in Kenya. If it’s to be done, then someone got to believe and lead. I am happy to be counted among those that believed in this dream of CPSP-K under God’s guidance. The certification goes a long way in the regulation of our profession and enhance our place in the country. It also makes us a pioneer in the region and even Africa I believe. It’s a first in itself. I am proud to be a first in the first. Long live the CPSP-K dream and KISEB.